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21 July 2004

You know what, Ralph?

You can just eat me.

I mean, I've defended you in the past (OK, I've said you're so beyond relevance you won't matter in the 2004 election, that's KIND OF defending you), but actively working with Republicans to get on the ballot pretty much dashes the idea that you're doing this for any other reason than to get Bush reelected. Shame.

I do, however, disagree with the Democratic official who calls this move a dirty trick. There's no deceit here, the Republicans have made it very clear why they're helping Nader. And are we really surprised? Their party is full of wild-eyed radicals with only one thing on their mind, winning. Since they can't make any reasonable arguments for their policies, they have to resort to this. I'd almost feel sorry for moderates like Lincoln Chafee and Olympia Snowe, as well as principled conservatives like McCain and Pat Roberts, if they didn't let rabid ideologues like DeLay, Cheney, and Santorum call the shots, and give free rein to an incompetent administration that at best has no idea how to deal with terrorism and at worst is letting it occur in order to exploit the fear.

This could very well be your legacy, Ralph. I'd much rather it be the airbag.

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