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28 March 2011

Tell the Donald to come forward...

Why won't he reveal his real birth certificate?

Of course it's ridiculous, but hey, I think his ass should be deported for his shitty blackjack...
The Tea Party's upset about something. Shocking.

Waldo Jaquith documents the local TPers latest hissy fit over their congressman, first that he's not working hard enough to cut government spending (yeah, good luck with that, guys) and second and more humorously, they're not being treated deferentially enough:

“When we did this at [Rep. Tom] Perriello’s office, he always had a representative to come down and listen to us,” said Don Woodsmall. “And no Hurt representative down here today? I’ve got to tell you, I’m severely disappointed.”

note: The quote is from the Daily Progress article; find it via Mr. Jaquith's post, 'cause I'm not linking to that rag's website until I make sure my malware checker's up to date.

It's fair to say I'm no big fan of Hurt, and I've yet to see him in an unscripted moment (including his congressional debates) which made me wonder if he fully grasped even the basic tenets of the issue being discussed, but if this was an actual snub and not just mere incompetence, then he's just done the first thing I can fully support.

Because what has the Tea Party done to deserve this sense of entitlement? And more importantly, what could they do if Hurt tells them to go cram it with walnuts? Are they going to vote Democratic? Yeah, right. Are they going to mount a successful primary challenge? Let's see them try to break double digits first. Is someone going to step up and make a third-party run? My sides, they split.

So why shouldn't Hurt just treat TPers like useful idiots? He's going to vote for a compromise if that's what Boehner cries for, period. If that causes them to petulantly sit out the next election with a collective pout and thumb up its ass, well, who knows what shape the district will take in 2 years?

23 March 2011

In other news, better bloggers are better. (Libya edition)

There's already enough misinformed blog posts about Libya from both sides of the political spectrum (as well as misinformed congressmen). I'll just link to Juan Cole and leave it at that.

22 March 2011

8 Bits O' Nevsky - Impulse Control Redux Edition

As you can see to your right, Amazon's offering videogame deals in its Gold Box all day. The bastards.

Dead Space 2 will be coming up later in the evening, and as I've suggested previously, it's a purchase for me if the price is right. I'M NOT MADE OF STONE, PEOPLE!

19 March 2011

This really happened today...

Driving up Hydraulic Road heading towards the airport, I noticed the usual bunch protesting outside of Planned Parenthood, with the normal obnoxious signs. Being who I am and also reasonably safe from any immediate repercussions, my first impulse, naturally, was to flip them the bird. And so, I did.

"Why did you do that, Daddy?"

Oh wait, that's right, my four-year-old daughter was in the car too.

"Daddy...was waving."
"Waving at who?"
"Oh, I thought I saw someone from work, but it wasn't him."
"That's silly! You're silly, Daddy!"
"Yeah, Daddy's a little embarrassed..."
"It was nice that you waved at him."
"Thanks, honey."

Whew. Gotta watch those impulses...

17 March 2011

Well, three games into the NCAA tournament...

...and my brackets are already shot to shit. F***ing Temple...

13 March 2011

Hey, we all fuck up from time to time...

...but it takes a special kind of person to be a total fucking jackass about it. Rep. Michelle Bachman is that sort of person.

08 March 2011

Thank heavens I live on the opposite coast of In-N-Out burger, because I'm pretty sure by now I'd be dead.

I try to be good, I try so, so hard.

I had my homemade breakfast smoothie.

I've got my baby carrots next to me.

I'm even skipping my morning coffee in favor of cleansing water.

And then I read this. And now I feel like weeping.

03 March 2011

Allen's got a tough road ahead if he wants to blow this one.

The latest PPP poll has Allen leading the Virginia Senate Republican primary with 67% of the vote, and none of his teabaggin' opponents make it out of single digits.

But if Allen showed me anything in 2006, he showed me he can pull defeat from the jaws of victory. But still, this isn't a mere 25-point lead that can be wiped out with a ridiculous racial slur. This is going to take every little bit of Allen's incompetence to make this cakewalk the slightest bit competitive. I still have hope that Felix can pull it off.

If you can't get it done by yourself, George, don't worry, Tim or Tom will take care of it.