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22 October 2010

Another debate, another curbstomping...

I'm not naive; if debates made THAT big a deal we'd be in the middle of the second term of President Kerry. But watching Perriello ring circles around Hurt time after time is definitely redundant, albeit still enjoyable.

Watching Perriello pwn Hurt at the end to raucous applause (in an ostensibly pro-Hurt part of the district, no less) is delicious. But what's more telling is the painful middle part where Hurt draws out the comment that Perriello won't accept money from corporations. Um, that's the point Tom's been making all campaign. Way to create ad copy, senator.

But maybe I'm being hard on Hurt, let's leave it to the judges:

I think Republicans can agree on this point: if Perriello pulls this out, Hurt will have a lot to answer for from the Repubs.

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