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09 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Congressman Perriello!

It was mentioned on his Facebook page and it really made me wonder something; of course you're going to get idiotic trolls on almost any blog, but what sort of sociopathic asshole do you have to be to troll a Facebook page? Don't you have to ask to be a friend before you can comment on those pages?

Anyway, some articles have been coming in showing the race is neck-and-neck, which I guess you can call a huge surge on Perriello's part, except of course those other polls were ridiculous to begin with.

But seeing the VFW's endorsement of him in Danville was especially touching; notice the one guy who remarks how Perriello looked out for veterans when the other guy didn't. If the congressman manages to pull this off, it will be due to the excellent constituent service he's provided for the past two years.

Let's just hope this election will be about our district and not about punching Pelosi in the ovaries.

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