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29 May 2006

Oh, CmdrSue, you're NOT gonna believe this...

Guess who my wife and I saw directly in front of us as we were waiting to check out of our local supermarket?

Steve Carell. I shit you not.

Funny, my wife spotted him from the very first aisle, but when I looked, it didn't seem to me to be the guy (Mr. Carell is in the central VA area shooting the Bruce Almighty sequel so it was entirely possible). It was not until we were going through the checkout lane where, lo and behold, Hollywood greatness stood in front of us.

And we were cool as cukes, lemme tell ya. I was cool as Shaggy when he finally sees the phantom that's been walking one step behind him, but Mrs. Nevskaya saved the day by inventing some small talk for us while he finished his transaction. Now THERE's acting...

Although for all I know Mr. Carell was over at his MySpace page yesterday waxing poetic about his brief encounter with Charlottesville's premier real estate agent...

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