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20 November 2005

To the voters of OH-2.

The most frustrating aspect of the recent Virginia gubernatorial election was the understanding by any reasonably impartial observer that Tim Kaine, the Democratic candidate, was clearly the superior choice. In terms of economic growth, in terms of leadership, in terms of dealing with the Republican party, Kaine had the proven track record. It was as much of a no-brainer as these things get, save the fact that the guy with the (R) by his name gets 48% of the vote even if his stump speech is "Shit my pants and do a dance! I'm taking that night train to Cucamonga!"

Jerry Kilgore, the Repub, wasn't that eloquent. His economic plan was to raise spending and cut taxes (I'M NOT KIDDING). He pulled out the Hitler card in TV ads attacking Kaine (and I'm not talking about the lovable Ted Hitler). He lost by 5 points; he should have lost by 20. C'mon, VA Repubs, you knew your guy wasn't up to snuff and made the moronic Jim Gilmore look like John Warner by comparison (yes, I mean John, there's a guy I don't agree with but has a brain in his head).

There was a special election in the 2nd district in Ohio not too long ago where once again, a clearly superior candidate had to fight the well-entrenched inertia of Republican voters. Jean Schmidt, who managed to embarrass herself time and time again on national TV, still eked out a win over Paul Hackett. Many voters in that district bucked tradition, but it wasn't enough.

To those of you that voted (R) because that's what you always do, this is what you voted for.

Like that vote now?

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