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02 November 2005

So, what did we learn yesterday, kids?

What happens when the Democrats stand up and bring the smackdown? Republicans run and cry like little girls. Sorry, that's offensive to little girls.

Rather anti-climactic, huh? Just like that movie Krull where Prince Colwyn gets the awesome weapon, the Glaive, a five-point razor-blade boomerang, but he's warned by the old fart not to use it until the time is right. So he's storming the Black Fortress with his tiny band of rogues against the awesome army of the Beast, and he's outnumbered like five to one AND they have position on him, but he's still holding his goddamn sword like that's going to be effective at fifty feet uphill against laser spears, and you're yelling "ASSHOLE, THE GODDAMN GLAIVE IS RIGHT THERE! THE TIME IS RIGHT, SHITHEAD!", but no, he waits for the Cyclops to change his mind and come running to the rescue. Then he finally uses it against the Beast for five seconds only to lose it, so he has to finish him off with flames shooting from his hand and HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN? Are inhabitants of this planet simply impervious to fire? And when he sticks his hand in that river of lava to retrieve the Glaive, he's pretty calm about it all, don't you think?

Yeah, Krull was bullshit.

I seem to have drifted a bit away from the point. OK, what did we learn, kids? That Krull was bullshit.

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