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07 November 2005

A short message to Virginia Republicans...

Sit this one out. Please.

Why would you even consider voting for Kilgore? Really. His proposal is to cut taxes and increase government spending, and let "the economy" balance the budget. We did that already back in '97, remember? It was horrible. Gilmore ran the state into the ground, and now that we finally got back to zero, you'd even think of letting Kilgore hold the ledger?

Why else? Afraid the death penalty will be stopped? That'll happen in Virginia when the Wizards win the Super Bowl.*

Scared of gay marriage? We'll have that in Virginia right after we abolish the death penalty.

So stay home. Give this state a Democratic governor, save yourself some money, build a future for your kids, and you can piss and moan for the next four years and we'll pretend to listen. Deal?

*yes, I know the Wizards are a basketball team...

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