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15 May 2005

Well, we were spared the cutter...

Just got back from the Baltimore HFStival; I'll print some more comments later but good show notwithstanding, I was really let down by the walkoff of Echo and the Bunnymen. After two aborted attempts at "Lips Like Sugar" and then an attempt at "Rescue", Ian McCulloch walked off the stage and the band followed. I thought at the time it was a protest at faulty mic equipment, but these forums indicate McCulloch was in the bag (Sis heard something else, too, I'll let her post about it in the comments if she would like).

I find it hard to believe he couldn't stagger through 4-5 songs even if he were in the bag. A dick move, but I still to reserve the right to buy their shit in the future. After all, I'm going to give Lucas more money...

Update (May 16): There's an apology up on the website. First reaction from me is their inaccurate characterization of "their set being cut short". There. Was. No. Set.

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