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14 May 2005

"Revenge of the Sith" ending revealed...

Sorry to spoil you, readers, but I just caught an advance screening last night and thought you should know. Here it is...


Now is the time, young Skywalker, you must make your choice!


No, once you go over to the Dark Side, THERE IS NO RETURN!

ANAKIN (in deep thought)

You know what, you're right, Obi-wan! I don't think I'll join the Sith after all!

[GEORGE LUCAS jumps into screen, drops his pants, and starts waving his bare ass at the audience]


HA HA! Reverse engineer THAT, nerds! I despise you all and hold you in contempt, and still you give me your money! KISS MY ASS!

Well, can't say I'm surprised...

By the way, that wasn't a clip, that was the entire movie...

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