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05 May 2005

"Please for you to enjoy, Mr. Bush, this soup without dioxin!"

If Bush wants to call Lukashenko a scumbag, well, no argument there, but using the Victory Day celebration to remind Putin of the Soviet occupation of the Baltics? Ever hear of timing, cretin? If Jacques Chirac visited DC on Independence Day and gave Bush a tongue-lashing about the Japanese-American interment camps, I wonder how that would play on Fox News. And I've been in Russia for a few Victory Days, you just don't mess with them, we as a nation have no idea how sacred this day is to the Russian people. I don't know if it's possible to be even more hated abroad as Bush is now, but this is one way to do it...

And George, just a bit of friendly advice if you can ignore the source. Maybe daddy was in the CIA, but you're out of your league here. Putin might just have you garrotted in your hotel room...

UPDATE: Told you.

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