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23 February 2005

Some good ol' Virginia politics bloggin'...

Haven't written so much about this recently, but what the hell...

Jerome Armstrong put up a post about a recent poll showing Mark Warner beating George Allen in a race for the Senate in 2006. Warner clearly has presidential aspirations, but I selfishly hope he goes after Allen's seat. Frankly, I don't think Warner's ready for prez, he comes off as a little stiff and boring on TV, but he can write his own ticket in Virginia right now, we love the guy. He's also the only guy with a chance in holy hell of knocking off that nimrod, and I'd love to see Allen's head on a pike decorating the walls of Castle Dean.

I bet you're all wondering how our good buddy Al Weed's doing after his loss to the incumbent Virgil Goode (Traitor) in the heavily conservative VA-5 district. Well, he's got a new organization going designed to get the word out about the lack of values and plentitude of incompetence in the modern Republican party. Give him a click.

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