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02 November 2010

Sick as a dog, but going out to vote...

Can't not vote for Perriello, after all.

I'm still hoping against hope that he'll be able to pull it out, that the Obama visit energized the base, that the debates illustrated what a superior candidate Perriello has been, that the residents of our district might not be so quick to dismiss a congressman whose constituent service has been a vast improvement over Virgil Goode despite not being affiliated with the dominant party here.

But whatever the result, Tom has done it his way, and a victory here would offer a blueprint to Democrats in Republican districts (rule 1: stop being such a fucking pussy).

And win or lose, Robert Hurt is finishing up his campaign his way too, by being a whiny jerk.

UPDATE: Oh, and Hurt's supporters stayed classy to the end, too.

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