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09 November 2010

8 Bits O' Nevsky - 8 Bit Trip edition

Because with last week's elections is there a better time to retreat into a fantasy world?

Wii owners need to rejoice and buy all the games of the Bit.Trip series yesterday. Never mind justifying Wiiware (though it does do that), the five games of this series is part of a very small handful of downloadable games that you can throw back in the faces of those HD-owning bullies (along with Cave Story, World of Goo, and the Lost Winds games).

Bit.Trip Fate is the fifth, and in my humble opinion, the best of the series. All of the games have great music and aesthetics but some (Void) play better than others (Runner). While playing along to the music is the point, my faves, this one and Void, do allow the player a slight bit of flexibility. Of course, all of them are also as hard as fucking fuck and would drive most gamers to controller-throwing fits. Not me, though, I just give up.

Got through the first two worlds in this one, though. Hope does spring eternal. Anyway, the five games will set you back $34 total so far, which is a bargain. Here are some videos...

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