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11 April 2009

Happy pagan harvest festival to all...

And in recognition of renewal and our weekend rituals with various fertility symbols, I present to you the classic "Easter Yeggs".

This cartoon is noted for its reimagining of Elmer Fudd. Without his archetypal hunter's uniform, Fudd is now a sociopath consumed by psychotic bloodlust, made all the more chilling by his seemingly normal appearance and friendly, inviting home. As we see later in the "Tunnel of Love" scene, his at-first-inexplicable drive to kill the Easter Wabbit is clearly the manifestation of long-repressed forbidden desires. Unable to act on these desires, Fudd can only find release through acts of violence and torture (his drowning pit appropriated later by Thomas Harris for the Buffalo Bill character in Silence of the Lambs). Fudd's later presumed demise from repeated blunt force blows to the head is fitting end to a man consumed by his own violent internal struggles.

Happy Easter!

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