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26 February 2007

Way to go, Marty!

I'm certainly applauding the fact Scorsese won his first Oscar. So what if it's for his lifetime achievements? It's not as egregious as Paul Newman's award for The Color of Money. And The Departed was the best of the nominated films that I saw...

Granted, the only other one I had seen was Little Miss Sunshine.

And when I heard that film got nominated, all I could think was "Really? That was one of the best five films of the year? In the world?" And I liked it. It was a good film was some nice performances. And it also had the advantage of being sweet while touching on some difficult issues. But...Oscar? Well, maybe for the kid and Steve Carell (and OK, Arkin), but if that was the best of the year I may as well stop going to film festivals.

As for The Departed, well, from the technical standpoint The Aviator and Gangs were better DIRECTED films, but when you see that first tracking shot into the Boston diner you know you're watching a fucking Scorsese film, and it's AWESOME. And with too many great performances to count, well, it's been in our DVD player for the last two weeks, and will probably get more plays than Casino, despite the fact that the film doesn't take place in a casino...

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