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11 January 2006

I guess we really are that stupid...

I suppose by this article's logic if the public were split on nun beating that would make it okay too. But this person's comment scares me the most (and I'm not just talking about the grammar):

Cynthia Ice-Bones, 32, a Republican from Sacramento, Calif., said knowing about the program made her feel a bit safer. "I think our security is so important that we don't need warrants. If you're doing something we shouldn't be doing, then you ought to be caught," she said.

Name one terrorist that was not caught because the Bush administration couldn't get a retroactive warrant in time. I'll wait.

The fact that the Bushies can't abide by rules that any quasi-competent would be able to utilize to catch criminals should tell us all a) they're idiots or b) they're not interested in catching terrorists. Shouldn't this be obvious by now?

But I do get a bit of bitter solace from the thought that Ms. I-B is being monitored just as fervently as I am. And why should she worry? After all, if she's doing something they shouldn't haven't been not doing...

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