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15 January 2006

Brokeback Republicans are at it again...

The State House of Delegates is at it again, passing a bill that would change the state constitution ostensibly to ban gay marriage. You know, in case the other laws we already have in VA banning gay marriage suddenly disappeared.

Equality Virginia has a good position paper about why this is bullshit, but given the atmosphere down here the civil rights argument is tough. I'd hope that libertarians (which many Virginians profess to be) would support Kaine's veto of this bill as a waste of taxpayer money when this state is already pretty well protected against homos, indeed, when there are laws in place against the terrors of oral and anal sex between consenting adults.

(I was surprised, however, that there the law on the books also makes it illegal to screw livestock down here. I'm guessing the enforcement on that one is lax...)

I guess in order to get your kicks down in VA you have to enjoy another kind of cockfighting...

I've got the perfect remedy for this, though. A brave delegate just has to attach an amendment calling this the "If You Vote For This, You're Gay Bill".

Then just sit back and watch their heads explode...

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