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19 October 2005

Ooooooh, no matter how tempting, I promise to limit myself to three helpings of light, fluffy, delicious, no-calorie organic schadenfreude...

Bye-bye, frogface!

What do you do when you're able to believe for a moment that justice actually exists on earth? Some make snarky t-shirts. Some explore and articulate their system of values.

Those who know me, however, know there's nothing I enjoy more than flying in (at considerable expense to myself) legendary pop-jazz vocal combo Manhattan Transfer to record my original compositions!

It has been more difficult to raise the necessary funds for these projects, I don't believe it helps that they've been a bit more unreasonable in their demands (I mean, really, Alan, does it have to be a whole case of Almond Snickers? That's just a Mars bar with a new name, you know). Still, my efforts to get corporate backing have met w/some success. I think they're intrigued by my marketing plan of releasing the CD w/the bonus track "Mmmmm-mmmm, This Beer Is Delicious (I Enjoy This Product)." So we're looking at a holiday release schedule, I'll be sure to keep you posted...

In the meantime, why don't I let them give you a taste as we fade out? Take it away, guys!

"Toss that salad, toss that salad,
Get down there and toss that salad..."

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