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21 October 2005

Guess who's coming to our sleepy li'l town?

The Big Dog himself, to a private fundraiser for Tim Kaine.

Read the response by Jerry Kilgore's representative and see if you don't swallow your teeth in rage. Clinton's out of the mainstream. Clinton. A man with twice the popularity of Bush while facing impeachment.

And of course, this lashing out is typical of the klass-with-a-capital-k campaign Kilgore has been running. Pejorative name-calling and ill-thought-out economic planning is great if you're running a blog that gets forty hits on a good day, but this guy wants to be governor of Virginia. Really, even if you believe in very limited government, don't you think that's just crazy?

Like "balance the budget by doubling spending, cutting taxes, and waiting for Izzschmelzibob the Invisible Market Forces Imp or the next Democratic governor to sort it all out" crazy?

Like "shit yer pants and do a dance" crazy?

No wonder Kaine's getting endorsements and starting to pull away in polls. I'm still nervous, though. When was the last time you heard of a Democrat winning a close election?

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