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24 March 2005

Classic 2 + 2 = 5 post of the day!

As we look back at one year of blogging, which was of course absolutely necessary and vital and not at all redundant, repetitive, or superfluous, I think the one unique trait of this blog, the one that keeps halves of dozens coming back for more, is the Nostradamus-like prescience exhibited by the author. Here's a chestnut you'll no doubt remember...


11 May 2004
Now that I got my free crap, I can say with enthusiasm...


Thanks for the bumpersticker Johnny, you're going on right under Howard, because when I drive I want to convey the message, "Sure, Howard Dean would have probably been a better president and beat up Dubya like a schoolyard bully, but when push comes to shove, Democrats are cowards and pick the 'safe' candidate, but you can certainly take solace in the fact that Kerry will also give Dubya a few kicks as we throw his cracker ass out of the White House."
This has been a 2 + 2 = 5 moment, brought to you by me when it's not a socially acceptable time to drink and I'm too lazy to joylessly masturbate.

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