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23 March 2005

Bloggerz still trippin' over shit I said last year...

You know, the gruesome flesh fetish parade going on in Florida distracted me from a somewhat important personal milestone.

This blog had its first birthday this past Saturday.

And in its honor, I give you the first "classic" post...

19 March 2004

Everyone else is doing it, so why can't I?

Greetings, all. You may remember me from such blogs as Thoughts That Get Stuck in My Head. But why inflict my thoughts on CmdrSue's webspace when it is just as easy (and cost-effective) to create my own little nook? And so I have. Howdy!

And now that I'm here, any suggestions to improve the look while my blog is still in its gurgling infancy?

See, even back then I didn't have much to say and you could see the desperation emanating from your monitor. *snif* The good ol' days...

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