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18 February 2012

La la la, it's the procrastination tango...

In my heady grad student days, I could knock off a ten-page paper in about three hours, with a couple of cups of coffee, and maybe a quick wanking break in between. Now as I try to finish one for my business certificate, I find myself stuck on page 7 with nary an end in sight. As it is due on Monday, I'm not in full panic mode yet, but having a job and a family makes it really hard to get back into this sort of focus. I'd just rather spend my time doing something, ANYTHING else. And so it's back to my semi-retired blog.

I understand how Santorum is hot and surging from behind (nyuk, nyuk) but the idea that he would somehow be a better presidential candidate than Romney is absurd. Actually, the idea of him winning the GOP nomination is absurd; the guy is totally amateur hour as a candidate. He didn't even get on the Virginia primary ballot. Remember those old wrestling shows they'd show on Saturday morning where Jake "the Snake" Roberts would beat up on some ham-n-egger for two minutes just so they could promote a house show where the stars would REALLY fight each other? Santorum's that ham-n-egger, and what does it say about Romney that this guy is still in the race?

OK? Hmmmm, maybe if I strip the paint off all my cabinets my paper will magically finish itself.

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nevsky42 said...

Finally on page 8, whoopee! I decided to reward myself by writing a procrastinating comment on my procrastination post...