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10 January 2011

My one-word review for Relay Foods? Fanfuckingtastic.

I kept driving by the Relay Foods truck on the way home from work, so we thought we'd sign up and give it a try. After doing that, I don't think we're going to be able to go back.

After a quick sign-up on the website, you basically plan out your shopping, pay for it by Sunday at midnight (or the day before the pick up day you want) and go to your drop-off place the following day. I arrived and the kind gent had everything ready for me in one of those plastic recycling tubs, with the dairy and meat products in a portable cooler. It took about five minutes to confirm everything and I was on the way.

The Mrs. was very impressed with the quality of the produce, which was one of the concerns that we had (actually, they did a much better job of picking stuff out than I ever do). I, of course, liked having another excuse to do something on the internet, and really appreciated the running total the website provides, since I never seem to keep under budget normally.

Any complaints? Not really, save the other customers who were tearing out of the Fry's Spring Beach Club parking lot as if they were rehearsing for CHiPs. It was a pretty fucking awesome experience, and one I'd definitely recommend to my fellow C-Ville residents.


thomas said...

We gave it a try a few weeks ago, with the same pickup location as you actually. We were super pleased with their great service and good selection. Generally, we're used to shopping at Kroger, and are comfortable with the specific products we can find there. Our only two small issues with Relay: they don't carry every product and/or substitutes of foods we normally buy... and that we cannot use manufacturer's coupons.

nevsky42 said...

ITA with those two complaints, but I'm so bad at clipping coupons normally it really doesn't affect me.

Every time I try something new that's this fantastic, I get all giddy with zeal. I only hope that they don't get so popular it starts to become a pain in the ass to pick up groceries. ;)