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06 July 2008

Context, people...

Before we get our panties in a twist over Bush being booed at Monticello, I'd like to point that he's had a standing invite to speak during the annual July 4th naturalization ceremony for the past seven years and never took it, and only did so at the last moment this year bumping Ken Burns, so let's not pretend that this wasn't a transparent attempt to get an easy venue and, once again, take something that's always been traditionally non-partisan and make it about George W. Bush.

Still, I'm not a big fan of what was said to him; "F*** you" and "War Criminal" are the easy dismissable things protestors always say. How about "you used the worst terrorist attack on American soil to ram through an agenda for which you never received a clear mandate, and thus I find your words about America on this day to be shallow and galling"?

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