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19 March 2008

It must be mavericky straight-shooting to make the same mistake over and over again.

McCain still seems to be confused about who we're supposed to be fighting, and I guess Lieberman wasn't standing by to whisper sweet corrections in his ear.

I wondered why the media seems to be giving McCain a pass on this when Obama would have been raked over the coals, so I asked my buddy covering the McCain campaign. Here's his response:

"Hey Nev! Good to hear from you! You know, he has a soft ice cream maker in the break room! We like to put in Edy's Cookie Dough ice cream, and then mix in ANOTHER tube of cookie dough so it's all ooey-gooey good! We call it the Super-Duper Cookie Dough Bomb Blitz Blizzard! It's so much fun covering John McCain! Yippee!


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