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29 March 2007

Reason #8948569 why the media sucks...

I saw the headline for this article on the front page of and, like an idiot, I wondered what illness had befallen the Donald.

There is an article about a stipulation in a pro wrestling match on the front page of And they're reporting it as if it's news. AND I'M READING IT!! AUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!

27 March 2007

Put it back in your pants, slappy! Another round of everyone's favorite game!

That's right, it's time once again for What's Ickier? You know the rules, so let's play!

And it's Crazy Old Man Hollywood Edition! So which of these two stars are ickier? Is it Eddie "In The Name Of All Things Holy What Happened?" Van Halen?

Or is it Michael "The Plastic Surgery's Almost Working, But Can They Do Something About That Death Smell?" Douglas?

Let's start the clock! Whaaaaaaat's ickier?

22 March 2007

Note to self: If I ever meet Lily Tomlin... NOT mention The Incredible Shrinking Woman.

21 March 2007

It's time to play everyone's favorite game!

That's right, it's time for...

What's Ickier?

The game where you, the blogreaders, get to view two really, really icky things, and must decide, what's ickier?

First, we have an album cover that has unofficially been responsible for three deaths in North America due to exploding eyeballs:

Icky to be sure. But what about the single most airbrushed image ever in the history of the universe?

Alright, hands on buzzers. I said BUZZERS!! You guys are sick. Anyway, whaaaaaaaaat's ickier?

15 March 2007

Showing the same sort of judgment that made his 2006 re-election such a cakewalk...

George Allen is thinking about running for John Warner's seat should he retire.

I say, welcome back, George! But maybe someone should remind him what happened to Gary Hart when he said "let the people decide"...

13 March 2007

Nevsky's Top Ten! (Special Cowboy Bebop edition)

Now that the songs on my station have changed enough to make this "interesting":

10) "Loving The Alien", David Bowie
9) "Gold", Spandau Ballet
8) "Super Electric", Stereolab
7) "One More Time", Daft Punk
6) "Time 4 Sum Aksion", Redman
5) "Stakes Is High", De La Soul
4) "Blue", The Jayhawks
3) "You're Not Up To Much", The Fall
2) "Top of the Hill", Tom Waits
1) (tie) "Call Me Call Me", Steve Conte / "Blue", Mai Yamane

03 March 2007

Isn't it cute when a kitten learns to use his claws?

Since Mitt Romney took such pleasure from the Obama/Clinton scrap a couple of weeks ago, I would have assumed that he would take the high road while going through the Repub primary. But it seems that instead of foregoing attack politics, it's the direct, forceful, honest nature of the attacks that he finds so disconcerting.

Which is probably why, as before, he's having his wife doing it for him:

He called his wife Ann on stage at the start of his speech. "Mitt and I will be celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary this month," she said — a reminder that McCain and Giuliani have been divorced.

I wonder how long Romney will get away with his passhole-aggresshole digs not being challenged, but I must say, I get a little chuckle out of him.

But if Romney wants to learn how to man up, I'm sure Ann Coulter will be happy to teach him...