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15 January 2007

Well, a month has gone by...

And the blogger world seems to have progressed just fine without me. And can't say I've missed it sooooooooo much meself. Still, no reason why I can't take advantage of the family's morning shut-eye just to comment on a couple of things...

* There must be some ulterior motive for Jim Gilmore's crack at the presidency. But assuming it's not, all I'll say is I hope Jimmy's strategy does not involve winning the state of Virginia.

* It surprises me that even libs were skeptical of Jim Webb and what sort of senator he would be, but then they probably weren't thinking in terms of comparison to George Allen, where luncheon meats left in refrigerators for extended periods of time would compare favorably. But just this past week Webb's performance has exceeded Allen's six years.

* Ol' 6-doc has written three awesome posts in a row about the unprecedented balls of Li'l Emperor George trying to double down and pass the buck simultaneously, so I'll just say it amazes me how The Twenty-Percent Gang (his supporters) can still conveniently ignore a) how wrong he was in the first place b) his lack of a plan before the invasion and his inability to come up with one now and c) the number of plans that have been created by Dems and undeserved friends to somehow create the least bad option that can now arise from his FUBARring of the region.

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