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27 April 2011

Duckie's ducking again...

Our current congressman promised to be as accessible as his predecessor had been. A tall order, since Congressman Perriello held the most town hall meetings of any member of the previous Congress, but I had expected at the very least some sort of effort, at least for show.

Nope, not a bit. Not a single one scheduled.

Seriously, what is the congressman afraid of? This? This? I doubt he'd have to deal with this, so as Gordon Ramsay would say, find your bollocks and get out there.

26 April 2011

Hey, C-Ville poker players!

As a public service, if you haven't heard about the Cavaliers Against Cancer charity tournament, it's going to be at the John Paul Jones Arena on Saturday, May 7. Registration ends on Saturday, so click on this link to learn more and register.

And remember, it's for charity, so there's no reason to be mad when I knock yer ass out...

19 April 2011

I heartily endorse this event and/or product.

Because, corgis.

And I don't want to spoil the ending, but it involves corgis.

18 April 2011

Our new congressman in a nutshell...

100 days of this joker...

A loud buzz fills the room in the Longworth congressional building as a set of seemingly random numbers lights up on the black-and-white clock face behind him.

“You might think that I know what that means, but I have no clue,” Hurt deadpans as he looks straight ahead.

Just something to keep in mind next time you call him about an issue...

14 April 2011

Shouldn't teabaggers be angry about this?

I mean, Robert Hurt did vote along with Nancy Pelosi. Doesn't that get them all petulant and whiny?

07 April 2011

Stay classy, George...

I mean, Jesus Christ...

At least Macacawitz said "sorry if I offended", which is better than the classic non-apology "sorry if you were offended", but could have just as easily been plain old "sorry".

*sigh* Eighteen more months of this nimrod...

06 April 2011

Well, balanced the budget. It took me all of five minutes but I did it.

Here are my choices.

Of course, left to my own druthers, might have done things differently. I posted a long time ago that I thought the payroll tax cap was bullshit (I'll find the link and add it when I get the chance).

EDIT: Wow, did this back in 2005.

But whatever my plan's faults, I'd put that up against Ryan's idiocy any day.

SECOND EDIT: Also, given the choice, I would have taxed capital gains at the same rate as ordinary income. I'm not sure why speculators and hedge fund execs shouldn't be privy to the same tax rates as the rest of us.

04 April 2011

JPA Bridge commiseration thread...

OK, it's one day in so far and as a JPA Extended resident I'm ready to officially declare this a big ol' pain in the ass.

The obvious choice for a detour was Shamrock Road, but since a crew is working on THAT road as well, it just made the new commute all the more interminable.

So how are you changing your commute?