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31 January 2009

Now with 50% more arbitariness, it's Nevsky's Top Ten!

10) Jay-Z, "Lost One"
9) Pavement, "Western Homes"
8) Led Zeppelin, "The Immigrant Song"
7) Slowdive, "Alison"
6) Mos Def, "Perfect Timing"
5) The Fall, "Eat Y'self Fitter"
4) Talib Kweli, "The Beast"
3) Joy Division, "Dead Souls"
2) Archers of Loaf, "Web in Front"
1) GBV, "Gold Star for Robot Boy"

11 January 2009

Oh, the Giants...

That was disappointing to say the least; and Eli Manning just had an inexcusably shitty game. I mean, he's had games like that before, but he's been so money when it counted that I guess I got spoiled.

04 January 2009

Rejoice, nerds! The new Doctor is here!

And to those of you who say "Doctor who?", I say, "Exactly!" Which entitles you to a free punch to the nutsack!

I actually haven't even made it through the Eccleston era yet. Not because I didn't find it excellent, but because with fatherhood and so many other nerdly pursuits taking up my spare time, I felt bad jamming the Netflix queue with stuff my wife will (quite rightly) never, never, never be interested in. Ever.

But maybe I'll netflick 'em anyway!

Gotta go. Someone knocking on the door gleefully waving a "Free Punch To Nevsky's Nutsack" coupon. I wonder what he wants...

02 January 2009

Happy bla bla bla...

The annoying rationalist in me blanches at the thought of the new year arbitrary signifier and doesn't want to pay it any mind.

But the just-as-annoying optimist in me looks forward to the new year with a sense of renewal.

But the most-annoying-of-all ME me will probably just be building Duplos with my daughter, and then playing Chrono Trigger DS after she goes to sleep.