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30 May 2007

This is why, this is why, this is why I'm Nevsky's Top Ten...

10) Rogue Wave, "Publish My Love"
9) Mai Yamane, "Blue"
8) Mims, "This Is Why I'm Hot"
7) Sprites, "I Love You, You Retard"
6) Sting, "I Hung My Head"
5) The Fall, "Ten Houses Of Eve"
4) Bob Dylan, "Mississippi"
3) Bob Mould, "Reflecting Pool"
2) Graham Coxon, "Freakin' Out"
1) Elvis Costello, "Man Out Of Time"

21 May 2007

19 May 2007

Attention all nerds! Set your nerd alerts to NERD!!

Starcraft 2 is on its way. That sounds a lot more fun than non-masturbatory ejaculating...

16 May 2007

Well, the votes are in, Jimborino!

And according to the latest polling (as of the time of this post), Gov. Gilmore, your positive rating is...four percent.

Um, yeesh, well, if that douchebag Brit Hume didn't keep you all from praising Falwell before the debate, you would've hit six! Easily!! Keep your head up, Jimmy! Jimbo!

15 May 2007

OK Jimmy, it's game time!

As even your website accurately points out, Jimmy boy, you've got another debate tonight in South Carolina. I guess your web administrator should have typed in something instead of "More details to follow", but what's details, anyway, in a presidential campaign? Sure, the last debate clearly put you in the top ten, but you've got to do something to break clear of the pack tonight.

And I've got a little advice; Jerry Falwell died this afternoon, maybe you should mention something about that...yeah, like your press release, that's good, "valued supporter of mine", I mean, it's not like he can correct you or anything...

13 May 2007

Wait a minute, FIVE BUCKS? I've been undercharging...

In an example of investigative journalism at its finest, our local weekly delved into the underground market to find out, entertainment goes for in our fair city...

Hey, fake diplomas for $200? Sounds like a deal to me...

06 May 2007

What's Ickier? - Republican Debate Edition!

That's right, kids! Ten, count 'em, ten old honkies to choose from!

And if you need to look at them close-up, well, want to, well, dammit, check this series for close-ups of each one...

And I'm starting this one off, because although Giuliani's puckered, sandblasted puss was close, I'm going with Ron Paul, because, when you look the most like the Cryptkeeper in this group, that's saying a lot...
Invisible airwaves crackle with Nevsky's Top Ten...

10) Billy Bragg, "Sexuality"
9) The Sprites, "I Love You, You Retard"
8) Blink 182, "Adam's Song"
7) Canibus, "Poet Laureate II"
6) Fleetwood Mac, "Seven Wonders"
5) John Rzeznik, "I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)"
4) The Fall, "Ten Houses of Eve"
3) Graham Coxon, "Freakin' Out"
2) Rush, "Far Cry"
1) Elvis Costello, "Man Out of Time"

05 May 2007

The critics all agree, Jimmy!

From to John Podhertz, it was your best performance, ever! In anything!

The above line is not sarcasm, btw...

02 May 2007

Gilmoremania's running wild!!

Our former governor entered the race last week, no doubt planning to do for America what he did for the state of Virginia, that is, run it into the ground. This blog post notes that Gilmore will participate in Thursday's first GOP candidate debate, at least if he doesn't read his own website:
Gilmore’s Web site current (sic)has the debate as happening on Saturday, so let’s hope he shows up on time.
THAT's the Jimmy I remember! Good to have you back, gov!