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29 September 2005

0 for 2. Shame.

While Michael "Shaggy" Brown was busy singing "It Wasn't Me" for the whitewash panel, we see FEMA dropped the ball yet again during Rita. I thought I'd at least get a bit of schadenfreude out of the fact that Texas was responsible for putting a man in the White House who thinks nothing of taking advantage of disasters, natural or otherwise, not to mention appointing political cronies to positions of national security, but I'm just mad.

So, shall we light the frickin' bonfire already?

23 September 2005

Let's give credit where credit's due...

Kudos to Republican Rep. Chris Shays for cosponsoring a bill with Tom Lantos and Barney Frank that may start to address a significant issue arising from Katrina, people who didn't want to leave their pets behind.

Sure, it may be just lip service right now, but these are obviously members of the reality-based community. We live in a society where pets are valued, period. Who didn't get upset when they were told of the story of the kid screaming for his dog on the evacuation bus. And to those assholes who would say "it's only a fucking dog", that's what you say to stop yourself from buying the expensive dog food, not leaving it to drown.

Yeah, I guess that goes for cats, too...

Oh, here's a Humane Society link...

11 September 2005

Hey, less than 10K died on 9/11, shouldn't Bush get credit for that as well?

I know the media love optimism, and it's certainly a good thing if casualties won't hit Mayor Nagin's arbitrary and intentionally alarmist figure of 10K. Nonetheless, I can't get into the party mood thatrecent headlines seem to suggest. Perhaps another metric we should look at is the number of preventable deaths that occurred due to this administration's incompetence. I'll throw out an arbitrary number: 0. Let's work the headlines from there...

06 September 2005

Well, whoop-de-shit...

The headline of this article says it all, really. In the immortal words of Chris Rock, you want a cookie, you low-expectation-havin' motherfucker?

UPDATE: I would be remiss in my blogging duties if I didn't point out that Barbara Bush deserves to rot in hell.

04 September 2005

Which city is next?

Since the Bush administration thinks "damage control" means shifting the blame for their criminal incompetence, please permit me to rant about the three-ton elephant in the room that just shit on our brand new Pier One rug...

Twice, TWICE, the country has been hit with an unprecedented disaster and twice this coke-addled cretin responded to it by hiding under the bed. How many more times does this have to happen? What more proof do we need? George W. Bush is not a good president. He cannot, and could never, handle the job. The sooner we all come to grips with this the sooner we can minimize the damage he can do in the last three long, long years he'll be in charge. I'm not quite sure how to get started, but it seems the most logical steps are 1) encouraging local and state governments to reject federal mandates (as VA is planning to do with NCLB and the northeast is now doing with the Kyoto accords) and 2) working to ensure the Dems take over Congress in 2006. Yeah, I can find some of the Dems distasteful from time to time, but our survival is at stake.

And truth be told, I live in a smallish city, so chances are the next catastrophe won't hit here. I just love this country too damn much to see it get hurt again. But if I lived within 50 miles of a major metropolitan area, I'd seriously be thinking about my survival right now...

01 September 2005

That's not the "damage control" we need right now, you unbelievable asshole...

Mr. 36 percent is asking people not to play politics right now. Fine, as long as we distinguish "playing politics" with "justifiable outrage at the rank incompetence of a president".

When the Republicans did it to Clinton, it was the former, but we sure as hell haven't seen enough of the latter with the current Sociopath-in-Chief...
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