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30 October 2010

29 October 2010

Of course Barack Obama and Tom Perriello were great...

I mean, would you expect any different?

We got there at about 5, with the line already winding through the entire Downtown Mall, around the Ice Rink, and back down to Second Street Gallery, where we stayed. We got in about 7, and according to our friends, they shut the lines down five minutes later.

Once I get the video on my computer, I'll download the last four minutes. It was awe-inspiring. Now let's just hope it's enough to put Tom over the top.

26 October 2010

Well, this is a big get for Tom...

...lessee, how about an endorsement from, I don't know, President Obama? Honestly, it's the least Barry could do, and maybe some of Tom's populist touch can rub off on him.

24 October 2010

No one can say Tom's not earning it...

Doing a whirlwind tour of the district for 24 hours straight? That's kinda cool.

As for Hurt, I think if you added up all the appearances he's made throughout the campaign, you'd get 24 hours. If you included the primary.

22 October 2010

Another debate, another curbstomping...

I'm not naive; if debates made THAT big a deal we'd be in the middle of the second term of President Kerry. But watching Perriello ring circles around Hurt time after time is definitely redundant, albeit still enjoyable.

Watching Perriello pwn Hurt at the end to raucous applause (in an ostensibly pro-Hurt part of the district, no less) is delicious. But what's more telling is the painful middle part where Hurt draws out the comment that Perriello won't accept money from corporations. Um, that's the point Tom's been making all campaign. Way to create ad copy, senator.

But maybe I'm being hard on Hurt, let's leave it to the judges:

I think Republicans can agree on this point: if Perriello pulls this out, Hurt will have a lot to answer for from the Repubs.

21 October 2010

Well, I might have to start listening to NPR again...

...since Breitbart's going off it.

Now if they fire Roberts I might even give them some cash...
Christ, Palin's an idiot. Or, to be fair, whoever tweets for her.

I am, obviously, not the Constitutional scholar that she is, or Christine O'Donnell is, for that matter, but I don't understand how firing Juan Williams is a violation of his First Amendment rights, unless the First Amendment says private companies don't have the right to fire people...

Update: Hee, beat John Cole to the punchline, though his font is funnier...

20 October 2010

Another debate, another victory for Congressman Perriello...

And again, it isn't even close...

I thought Robert Hurt represented a portion of the 5th District, so why can't he seem to answer questions about it?

No wonder he keeps mentioning Nancy Pelosi. Maybe he should try debating her, he couldn't do any worse, and he's probably just as knowledgeable about her district as he is about this one.

18 October 2010

8 Bits O' Nevsky - I Obviously Suck Edition

You can beat Demon's Souls in under an hour? You're a god to me.

And the game is going to Pure Black Tendency for the rest of the month, so now's the time to finally see what's beyond all those closed gates...

14 October 2010

Owwwww, that's gotta Hurt...

Our congressman pwning State Sen. Robert Hurt...

Just so you know, Bobby, if you do win, there's a lot of reading in the job...

13 October 2010

12 October 2010

8 Bits O' Nevsky - Party Like It's 1989 Edition

* I've been bouncing against the walls for Dragon's Lair Trilogy for the Wii, which was supposed to come out last week but when I asked about it at Gamestop they looked at me as if I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. I don't care. I've waited 20 years for the two DL games and Space Ace to come out on one moderately-priced disc, and I'll be damned if I'm denied. It's long past time I've confronted my nightmare fuel.

* Oooh, speaking of wasting quarters in the late 80s - early 90s. I've got Colossus.

09 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Congressman Perriello!

It was mentioned on his Facebook page and it really made me wonder something; of course you're going to get idiotic trolls on almost any blog, but what sort of sociopathic asshole do you have to be to troll a Facebook page? Don't you have to ask to be a friend before you can comment on those pages?

Anyway, some articles have been coming in showing the race is neck-and-neck, which I guess you can call a huge surge on Perriello's part, except of course those other polls were ridiculous to begin with.

But seeing the VFW's endorsement of him in Danville was especially touching; notice the one guy who remarks how Perriello looked out for veterans when the other guy didn't. If the congressman manages to pull this off, it will be due to the excellent constituent service he's provided for the past two years.

Let's just hope this election will be about our district and not about punching Pelosi in the ovaries.

04 October 2010

For fuck's sake, give it up, Cooch...

You're such a goddamn embarrassment.

I'm not sure why you think you should be governor if this is how you treat the taxpayers' dime.

03 October 2010

For all of you that cried at the end of Babe, 'cause I know it wasn't just me...

The fam all had a great time yesterday at the Fall Fiber Festival out on Montpelier yesterday, and the weather's so awesome, so if you're looking for something to do, get a blanket and a couple of canvas chairs, pack a picnic, and head out there. Really reasonable rates ($5 per adult) and nice idyllic fields full of noble border collies. I can't think of a better way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon...