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24 September 2006

It was a cloudy day in C-Ville...

...but it didn't stop people coming out to welcome Jim Webb as he stopped by the new Charlottesville office.

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After pressing the flesh, he rallied the troops with Creigh Deeds by his side...

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After going over his three campaign themes: redeployment of our troops in the Middle East, social justice, and a check on the executive power grab, it was off to the Paramount Theater for a fundraiser w/special guests John Grisham and Stephen King.

As for me, I got to meet Lowell from Daily Kos and Raising Kaine fame. A fun way to spend a Sunday evening, all in all. (More photos on the way...)

23 September 2006

Feeling old yet?

The Simpsons are almost twenty, and South Park just turned ten...

And what better way to celebrate than to play the climax of the greatest South Park episode ever (featuring the best South Park cameo ever)...

17 September 2006

10 September 2006

Finally, something we can agree on...

In a country where political discourse has become increasingly partisan and shrill, and on a subject where it is perhaps the most shrill, gay marriage, it's nice to see that both sides can come together and agree on the referendum before the Virginia voters in November.

That is, that it's bad law.

And as a gay marriage supporter, I'll readily concede that I live in a state where the Bills will win the Super Bowl before it becomes recognized here. I'd hope Virginians will recognize this referendum for what it is, a cynical waste of taxpayers' time and money that's going to be easily subject to legal challenges while not changing the fundamental laws in the state one bit.

07 September 2006

05 September 2006

"Yousa ears are pointy...."

I'm sure nerds everywhere have their wallets on yellow alert now that the original Star Trek series is going to get Lucas-ized.

The sample pic they have on the link is pretty interesting, actually. What else can they do, give Shatner a better hairpiece? Get rid of McCoy's wrinkles? Make Spock's Brain not suck?

04 September 2006

Thank you, John!

For reminding us who stymied Clinton's efforts to fight terrorism.

For all the talk about Bush-haters, I don't see how anyone can argue how incredibly kind America has been towards him, since it's a pretty easy argument to make that with a President Clinton, Gore, or McCain, 9/11 may not have happened in the first place...

03 September 2006

Wow, what an asshole.

I was looking a bit more at some of the comments President Bush made in Tennessee, and I thought I'd share them w/you. The statements in bold are straight off his transcript.

You know, right after September the 11th, I knew that one of my challenges would be to remind the American people about the dangers of the world.

Funny how these reminders tend to occur near the end of an election cycle. Don't forget to remind them the man who perpetuated these attacks is still free (as is the anthrax killer, for that matter).

I knew that the natural tendency for our country would be to hope that the lessons of September the 11th would be faded memory.

I'd like to see him try this line when he visits New York next week, I have a feeling it would go over as well as Daffy Duck with his trained pigeons. Perhaps his memory is fading, since his government cut homeland security funding to NYC because, according to them, there weren't any potential targets in the city.

I think it makes sense to send somebody up to Washington who's not a lawyer.

You'd think he'd want someone who knew how to get a warrant.

[Regarding No Child Left Behind]And I understand people say, well, we don't like that, we don't like to be measured, we don't want there to be accountability.

Oh, for Pete's sake, NO ONE SAYS THIS. Can't you dream up better strawmen? How hard is it to say, "Parents are tired of bumping up against bureaucracy when they want to know who are teaching their children?" At least that bullshit doesn't insult their intelligence. Lucretius, you're a teacher, do you guys stand around in the lounge during break saying "Phew, I'm glad I wasn't held accountable today!"

You know, recently I was just right down the road here with the Prime Minister of Japan, and he and I went to Graceland. (Laughter.) It was an interesting moment. (Laughter.) I chose to take my friend, Prime Minister Koizumi, there -- one, I had never been there. (Laughter.) So it was a little selfish. Secondly, he's an Elvis fan, he loved Elvis. And I thought it would be fun to take him there. Thirdly, I wanted to send a message to the American people. Imagine somebody in the late '40s saying, one of these days an American President will be taking a Prime Minister from Japan to the home of a famous singer. You know, right after that war, you can imagine what the reaction would have been -- the guy is off his rocker. (Laughter.)

I'll be kind and assume not all that laughter was with him...

The leader of the free world, everyone! That's not even halfway through the transcript, btw, but I can't take it anymore...
Christ, what an idiot.

Please read Rude Pundit's take on Bush's blithering idiocies, that I hope were uttered under the influence of backslid-drunk booze...

And it's not about Bush being stupid, it never bothered me that ("if", if you prefer) he was an idiot. It's that he insists on speaking to others as if THEY'RE idiots. And in doing so, he utilizes language that resembles an eighth-grader trying to stretch his one-paragraph synopsis of "The Wind in The Willows" into a five-page book report.

So read the latest wisdom of the leader in the free world, and try not to weep...

01 September 2006

Looks like my McDonald's boycott paid off...

...thus saving the lives of thousands of adorable, I mean hedgehogs.